AFI_MAC_logo_a_240.jpgAFI-MAC is a Leonardo da Vinci European project mainly targeted at Incubators of SMEs and startups and at their relay and accompanying actors.
The aim is to provide on short, medium and long terms a clear development support to theses newly Entrepreneurs as to develop first as a person.
AFI-MAC project facilitates project partners and special guests, to exchange and built the various key elements of best practices, accompanying paths and actions related to Enterpreneurs in Business Incubator enviroment.
 7 countries are initially represented in AFI-MAC: France, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, UK, Switzerland and Belgium. In the first 4 countries, partners are from different kind of incubators.
Bordeaux Productic from France represents the real incubator type. Bordeaux Productic has also been the first certified incubator in France under the incubator standards.
AVM-Kaunas Business School is a vocational training center in Lithuania with different types of stakeholders, their main contribution to the AFI-MAC solution is to bring in the pre-incubation experience, i.e. the nursery step of the idea of the Entrepreneur up to the enterprise start-up.
NOT federation - the Polish Federation of Engineers has been implemeting 51 supports centres in Poland to help SMEs members and members in their development. NOT brings in the virtual incubator approach and how to support the entrepreneurs from a virtual environment to a physical and proximity support. NOT aims at implementing the experience of incubators such as Bordeaux Productic with physical proximity of stakeholders and with physical community context into their networking community (130 000 members).
CiDEB is the transfer and spin-off environment of the ESB, the Biotechnology Catholic University of Porto. Eventhough CiDEB was not structured exactly as an incubator at the beginning of the AFI-MAC project, CiDEB developed, and is now providing the Entrepreneurs with a proximity and community context, which are important to the development of Entrepreneurs personality on medium and long terms.
Other partners in the project will provide tools and support to the project development
Enterprizer (decision and strategy making tools),, a Swiss organisation to accompany incubators network and open enterprises, and MAC-Team (valorisation of results, European network for resources and dissemination, collaborative and communication tools, tools on informal managment of Intellectual property).